Dare to dream big

HTC is a mobile and immersive technology innovator that is expanding its vision to connected devices and virtual reality. We are creating VIVERSE, our own metaverse version, by combining cutting-edge technologies in novel ways. We are leading the convergence of technologies like VR, AR, 5G, AI, and blockchain, which are opening up new possibilities and experiences. We named this VIVE Reality in 2018, and today we call it VIVERSE.

the Pursuit of Brilliance


Investigate ideas with heartfelt intensity. Look for inspiration in the most unlikely people and places. Give curiosity purpose. Pursue aims with quiet energy.


Chase aspirations with confidence and relentless ambition. Keep your head down and stay true to the process. Maintain unwavering commitment. Embrace flexibility, but never compromise.


Pursue true taste. Find your style in substance. Strive for that place where timely meets timeless. Uncover the ease and effortlessness in real beauty.


Embrace vulnerability. Strip away personal excess. Get to know your gut. Don't spend one second thinking about what others think. Lead by doing whatever drives you.

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I really enjoy working in this position, because I get to support our employees to reach their full potential in every stage of their careers.

HR - Learning & Development
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At HTC, I am fortunate to represent the company at significant events like the 2023 Mobile World Congress. Additionally, our team successfully introduced VIVERSE for Business.

VIVERSE - Product Manager
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I work with all experts from the world, and even standing in Taiwan. We see global trends and grow the industry together.

VIVERSE - Product Manager
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HTC is a nice place, where you can utilize what you learned in AI. You can apply what you learned in AI to your products and contribute to the field of AI.

DeepQ - Deep Learning Algorithm