Our People

Our People

Our people are genuine, they really care, and they want what’s best for everyone else in HTC. The feeling you get is very real and it’s something we wish more people could feel.
Heavenward Heavenward small


Department: Software Engineering
Date joined: 2011

I can honestly say I love my job here. HTC is definitely one of the best smartphone companies in China and their products have always fascinated me. So when I saw this job opening, I didn’t even hesitate to apply. I am responsible for programming the drivers for the Radio, Baseband and Power Consumption fields. The software system stability and performance is something that really matters to us all at HTC.

I first joined as an inexperienced engineer but I have learned so much since day one. It’s all thanks to my boss and colleagues who have been extremely supportive and patiently shown me the ropes. They make the atmosphere great and the teamwork here is second to none.

You should join HTC if you want to work with leading technology and create something unique for people all around the world. You will constantly learn something new to expand your mind and your career will definitely grow in a place that delivers nothing but the best. Take my favorite product, the HTC Desire 816, for example. It has a big display and a very stable software system. Of course, I was a part of this project… and you could be part of the next big thing!

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Department: Global Customer Service
Date joined: 2011

I have to thank my friend for sharing the LinkedIn page for this job role with me. He knew I love the smartphone industry and really wanted to know the secret to how HTC has grown its business so fast and so well. Now is my chance to find out!

My main role is to engage our service partners with our brand values and principles, spread the quietly brilliant philosophy among our customer service representatives and repair technicians around the globe, along with our team members here at headquarters. I am the liaison between the marketing/brand team, learning and development, internal communications and our HTC advocates in all regions.

What I like the most about my job is the interaction with the people from various cultural backgrounds. The people I work with every day are our customer service advocates in the regions. We work together very well despite the fact that we live in different time zones. The whole interaction is a never-ending learning experience I enjoy very much.

When I first came here, I was astonished at how all the talented people here were really busy. After a while, I soon understood that everyone has great passion and ambition to make things happen in this dynamic and innovative company. Everyone here helps each other no matter what division they’re in, even if it’s not their responsibility. We are all free to contribute to projects and teams.

So I’ve been thinking for a while… if I could invent anything, I would love to invent a 3D holographic screen for HTC phones. Anyone want to help me?

Joanna Joanna small


Department: Integrated Design
Date joined: 2007

My job at HTC is to create innovative end-to-end experiences that span both hardware and software. The main focus is on the relationship between a product and a real person. By putting people at the center of our designs, we can then find the beauty in simplicity. It’s not just about how something looks and feels. It’s about the way it works too.

As a designer, I want to see the best work produced. And at HTC, I can be sure of that. I am given the space to unleash my creativity and innovative products that perfectly suit our customers. Everyone here is like one big family. The culture is free where we are all willing to share creative ideas and share the same passion and motivation to make innovative ideas become reality.

If you want to challenge yourself and pursue your passions in a place that allows you to realize your creativity and innovative ideas, you’ve found it. HTC is that place!

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